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Touch of Venice

It’s safe to say that being in California isn’t really productive towards writing a blog post… but with a bit of delay here is how the rest of our stay in LA has looked like.

After waiting an hour in line, for one of the most awesome amusement parks it has to be said, we finally entered Six Flags California.
If you’re from Belgium, like we are, you have one medium spectacular rollercoaster and that’s it. In Six Flags California, this is not the case, it’s just one sick coaster after the other.
If you ever have the opportunity to go, remember these highlights Goliath, Batman the ride and ‘wait for it’ TATSU.
Tatsu is really the best coaster we ever had the privilige to ride. As the promotional booklet states: ” The Fastest, highest rollercoaster in the world”.
A shame then, that two of us went home early because of something that happened on the ride before. All was well when waiting in line for this one, yeah sure we had to wait like forever to go on, but spirits were high, the atmosphere was good and the humor was awesome. Little did we know that things would go bad for two of us. The ride I’m speaking of takes places on water, a wild river to be precise. We should’ve known that something was about to happen, because our boat had number 3 and as this is an uneven number, it apparently brings misfortune. I’m quoting a member of our group on this one. For some reason the thought of getting wet, never occured to us, but the inevitable happened. Liesbeth and Silke made their first mistake by sitting next to eachother, making them both vulnerable and susceptible for something that they wished never happened. As the ride went along and the river got wilder, the boat suddenly turned and Liesbeth and Silke went ‘Headlong into the abyss’. A massive wave of water went over the boat, but this ‘Tsunami’, as we began to call it afterwards, hit Liesbeth and Silke the hardest. They were soaking wet and this is not an understatement. The fact that the rest remained unscaved and the expressions on Liesbeth and Silke’s faces were enough to give the rest a memory that they’ll never forget. If you do the math, you know that they were too wet to wait in line for the next ride, the Tatsu. After we convinced them that they haven’t missed anything, a white lie, we all went to Mozza Pizzeria. One to remember if you’re ever in LA.

The next day was Conan O’Brien day. As you may know, you can get stand by tickets to go see the taping of Conan’s show. All you have to do is, go to Warner Bros Studios at 8am, wait two hours, get your number, wait for 2 hours, eat and drink something, wait for one hour, get to know lovely Russian ladies (read: annoying bitches), wait for half an hour and then you know if you can get in or not. It gets really frustrating when you’re told that you’re in, which was followed by an outburst of sheer excitement and enthousiasm, only to be told a minute later that you’re not. Thank you very much fat, ugly, badly dressed, blond women. The fact that we didn’t get in was courtesy of the Russians (that’s why we call them bitches, to be precise, it’s possible that they actually are really nice persons, but you can catch our drift)
Thank God that this isn’t Stefanie’s first trip to LA, she had the perfect back up plan. Farmer’s Market (google it, if you want to know what it is, it’s 2am while I’m writing this and I’m to lazy to explain) and afterwards the Standard Hotel Rooftop Bar. Write this one down folks, cause this rooftop bar is in the middle of downtown LA and the view and atmoshpere is amazing. The cream of the crop were these amazing egg like waterbeds, that gives chillaxing a new definition.

In Santa Monica we decided it was time to spoil ourselves. We all, but one, bought really cool, colorfull, old school, tiny skateboards. Which are amazing to just cruise around Venice.

Oh and before I forget, to make you guys all jealous, we went to the X-Games yesterday.


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