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Don’t Stop Believing

Let’s start where we finished last time…our last day in Los Angeles.

Sunday, July 1st. Euro cup finals. With two of our Nos Klatos members being huge soccer fans we had no other plans that day than finding a place where we could watch the game live. In our case, with the time zone difference, that ment at 12pm. An odd Mexican bar in Venice Beach seemed the perfect spot to do that. We had our predictions ready and after changing seats for at least four times we were more than ready to get our Euro vibe alive. Luckely, for some of us, we also had the X Games Street Skateboarding Finals on one of the television screens. With Spain winning the finals 4 to 0 against Italy, Klaas and Silke their day was already more than perfect and while Sheckler took silver in X Games we could leave LA with a good feeling.

Driving along the Pacific Coast away from Los Angeles we all got excited for the adventures that would come our way. And the change from a big city to a small town came just in time. Santa Barbara is like this really cosy, cool surftown just outside LA. The vibe that goes around in this city is one that goes straight to the heart, a feeling that we’re going to cherish. After 24 hours at the city of Santa Barbara we moved a little bit up to El Capitan Canyon (still located in Santa Barbara), a nature lodging campground. And as we drove past the entrance we accidentaly arrived at the El Capitan State Beach, which is up untill now the best thing that has happened to us. An amazing beach with zero tourism. Epic lightning and breathtaking views that filled our hearts with joy. While walking along the beach we saw wild dolphins swimming only a few feet away from us and with that some of us ended our stay at the beach with a sunset swim session. Although there were moments that we felt like Jack Dawson hanging on that door in the water, it was more than worth it.
While arriving at the campground none of us has ay idea what to really expect of it, but with a campfire, swimming pool and premade BBQ-meals we felt like we arrived in heaven.
And with late night evening talks around our fire we all agreed that the past hours were just perfect.

With a bit of pain in our hearts we left our little magic place the next morning to cruise along Big Sur to end up in Santa Cruz, where we would encounter our first couchsurfing experience. At the beginning we weren’t exactly sure if Klaas had really booked through couchsurfing or if he had mistyped and ended up at cocksurfing but all together they were pretty relaxed people that made sure we had a great place to stay at. July 4, 6 am, we were all planning on going to embrave to waves at Santa Cruz but with one of us feeling sick, the fact that it was raining and that the waves weren’t really good afterall, Antony ended up being the only brave soul going for a surfsession.

The weather over at Santa Cruz made it clear to us that there was no reason to stay any longer so around noon we said goodbye to our couchsurfing hosts and moved up to San Francisco – with a legendary stop at In-n-out Burger and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts – Our second place we booked through airbnb.com, a 2 bedroom penthouse with skyline views. And I have to say … gosh this place just looks picture perfect. So right now we’re kinda feeling like multi millionaires – or at least some of us. Knowing that the first day that we arrived here was the fourth of July we had one plan for that day in San Francisco : see the fireworks t the Golden Gate Bridge. The fireworks weren’t all that spectacular and the songs that went along with it were kinda nerve-racking but it still was a great way to start our San Francisco adventures…

Adventures that included the long hike over the Golden Gate Bridge, Alamo Square, The Palace of Fine Arts, Alcatraz… and back-to-back movie nights.

  • We can’t deal with uneven numbers …
  • TATSU !!!!
  • GoPro is now among us!




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Touch of Venice

It’s safe to say that being in California isn’t really productive towards writing a blog post… but with a bit of delay here is how the rest of our stay in LA has looked like.

After waiting an hour in line, for one of the most awesome amusement parks it has to be said, we finally entered Six Flags California.
If you’re from Belgium, like we are, you have one medium spectacular rollercoaster and that’s it. In Six Flags California, this is not the case, it’s just one sick coaster after the other.
If you ever have the opportunity to go, remember these highlights Goliath, Batman the ride and ‘wait for it’ TATSU.
Tatsu is really the best coaster we ever had the privilige to ride. As the promotional booklet states: ” The Fastest, highest rollercoaster in the world”.
A shame then, that two of us went home early because of something that happened on the ride before. All was well when waiting in line for this one, yeah sure we had to wait like forever to go on, but spirits were high, the atmosphere was good and the humor was awesome. Little did we know that things would go bad for two of us. The ride I’m speaking of takes places on water, a wild river to be precise. We should’ve known that something was about to happen, because our boat had number 3 and as this is an uneven number, it apparently brings misfortune. I’m quoting a member of our group on this one. For some reason the thought of getting wet, never occured to us, but the inevitable happened. Liesbeth and Silke made their first mistake by sitting next to eachother, making them both vulnerable and susceptible for something that they wished never happened. As the ride went along and the river got wilder, the boat suddenly turned and Liesbeth and Silke went ‘Headlong into the abyss’. A massive wave of water went over the boat, but this ‘Tsunami’, as we began to call it afterwards, hit Liesbeth and Silke the hardest. They were soaking wet and this is not an understatement. The fact that the rest remained unscaved and the expressions on Liesbeth and Silke’s faces were enough to give the rest a memory that they’ll never forget. If you do the math, you know that they were too wet to wait in line for the next ride, the Tatsu. After we convinced them that they haven’t missed anything, a white lie, we all went to Mozza Pizzeria. One to remember if you’re ever in LA.

The next day was Conan O’Brien day. As you may know, you can get stand by tickets to go see the taping of Conan’s show. All you have to do is, go to Warner Bros Studios at 8am, wait two hours, get your number, wait for 2 hours, eat and drink something, wait for one hour, get to know lovely Russian ladies (read: annoying bitches), wait for half an hour and then you know if you can get in or not. It gets really frustrating when you’re told that you’re in, which was followed by an outburst of sheer excitement and enthousiasm, only to be told a minute later that you’re not. Thank you very much fat, ugly, badly dressed, blond women. The fact that we didn’t get in was courtesy of the Russians (that’s why we call them bitches, to be precise, it’s possible that they actually are really nice persons, but you can catch our drift)
Thank God that this isn’t Stefanie’s first trip to LA, she had the perfect back up plan. Farmer’s Market (google it, if you want to know what it is, it’s 2am while I’m writing this and I’m to lazy to explain) and afterwards the Standard Hotel Rooftop Bar. Write this one down folks, cause this rooftop bar is in the middle of downtown LA and the view and atmoshpere is amazing. The cream of the crop were these amazing egg like waterbeds, that gives chillaxing a new definition.

In Santa Monica we decided it was time to spoil ourselves. We all, but one, bought really cool, colorfull, old school, tiny skateboards. Which are amazing to just cruise around Venice.

Oh and before I forget, to make you guys all jealous, we went to the X-Games yesterday.


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California is always a good idea

After a twelve hour flight from London to LA – in what must be said, a horrible aircraft – we were ready to discover some treasures of the Californian lifestyle. At the moment we are located at Camaran Street, Marina del Rey, “where the road ends and the beach begins”. It’s right next to Venice Beach and with a 15 minute walk you can play your heart out at the famous Venice basketball courts. Major thumbs up to Airbnb for hooking us up with this place and it’s superb owner Connor. There’s not a chance in the world that you’ll be able to find a better hotel for this price. So it’s safe to say that we recommend this way of travelling to everyone.

First full day in LA … and we were far out some of the most obvious tourisst out there. With a program filled with things like the Kodak Theatre, Hollywood Boulevard, Griffith Observatory and Bel Air we have been going exactly where the guide maps tells us where to go. For some of us the main activity of the day has been searching for celebrities, unsuccessful so far. Although Silke is sometimes convinced she saw troups of celebrities in and out of our their cars. Liesbeth went pretty hardcore into it with resulted in running into a bench while looking for famous people. While the searching went on we also had our best stop of the day – Yogurtland. There’s no way that we can describe the feeling, the taste, the perfection of this snack but we can say that this is one of the things you have to try for yourself before you die. Bucket list item!

A great homemade dinner made by Liesbeth and a late basketball session at Venice concluded our first day in Los Angeles.

  • FWY = Freeway
  • The button in an airplane located on your arm-rest is NOT an ejector seat
  • The world famous basketball court in Venice Beach has been broken down – hopefully for restoration only
  • The Superbowl is NOT held at the Hollywood Bowl – cause yes, people should know that
  • X Games tickets are not the easiest ones to get your hands on




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Where our adventures take us

In exactly one week we’ll be trading Belgium for the United States to start our journey in Los Angeles, the movie capital of the world. Not to start an acting career or to find for each one of us a manager. Not to spend all our money in Beverly Hills or try to get our name on the Walk of Fame. But to find a real story behind the picture of Los Angeles that has been created by society. To get in touch with reality, to experience what Los Angeles really is about. To see behind the mask, to see the real beauty of an amazing city with amazing people. To hear their stories and tell ours and to take a part of that experience along with us. To walk the beaches in Los Angeles, to play basketball in Venice, to party hard in Hollywood, to drink cocktails at rooftop bars, to surf Cali waves, to see amazing nature and for a moment – to live the life of the rich and famous. The rich and famous in our heart that is. To leave our mark, our star … not in the concrete but in someone’s heart, in someone’s mind. In our hearts.

To live our own story. To live our own dream.

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