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The Road to Neverland

When a waiter shouts out “You again?” when entering a restaurant you know that you are  cultivating a serious addiction. After our obsession with Yogurtland’s Frozen Yogurt aka Froyo and Starbucks’ Frappoccino (Iced Cappuccino which Antony accidently picked up at the airport simply by ordering coffee with the funniest name), we hitted some other fixations in San Fransisco… and we hitted some of them pretty hard.

The Cheesecake Factory

Silke and Antony wanted to share their sweet thoot cravings for cheesecake with the Nos Klatos party. Little did they know that the Cheesecake Factory was there to turn their perception of the culinar world as we know it around. For a grand total of three times we faithfully waited in line for 45 minutes in what must be the most crowded restaurant we’ve ever been to.

While we grew fatter and fatter, we had to come up with alternatives and solutions, wich lead us to the next set of hooks.

The Go Pro

The Go Pro is a little camera that you can mount on about almost everything and must be the greatest gadget in the modern world. Right now we’re making our decisions about where we are headed based on where the Go Pro leads us to shoot some stunning footage.

American Trampoline Dodgeball

This is our most recent and by far biggest fetish. After a match of bowling in an uptown San Fransisco neigborhood, we hitted a place called the house of air. The house of air simply is a former storehouse that has been renovated to cover the floor with trampolines back to back. Once you enter the Trampoline Dodgeball court, no sport will ever be the same.

After our stay in San Fransisco we headed for Lake Tahoe. Happily trading our occupied Big City Life for the road, we felt as if our adventure finally had begun. Relieved that we shut the gates of mordor behind us, we found that corporate america was chasing us as our first stop at Lake Tahoe required a 5 dollar fee simply to gain access to the beach.

Apart from that uncool setup, Lake Tahoe offered us breath-taking scenic views, blue skys and the sun burning hot on our skins. Our hotel was located on top of a mountain, which functions as a ski-resort during wintertime. We saw several signs that told us ‘don’t suprise bears’…. To tell the truth, peekaboo’ing wildlife isn’t really our thing.

Since we left our penthouse apartement in San Fransisco, the Jetset Lifestyle is what we signed up for. Today we started our day at the pool, relaxing in the sun. In the afternoon we traded that pool for the beach (cheap bastards as we are, we found one that didn’t require an access fee by driving twenty minutes further down the lake). At night we hitted the hottub with a bottle of Malibu.

A journey is like a marriage. Travelling in group means being married to one another for a short time. So it safe to say that the learning curve on all things marriage was pretty steep. They say that marriage is give and take; you’d better give it to her or she’ll take it anyway.
These are the little things that frustrated us in eachother from living close together:

– Silke her failed attempts to catch just about anything we threw in her directions.

– Silke and Klaas had to trade in there ‘European names’ for the real thing since no American can prononce the names they got from their mamma’s and pappa’s. After a mix-up on their coffee cups at a Starbucks drive-by we now call them by their new American ‘trucker-friendly’ names: Silcoo and Calls.

– ‘Social media kills social reality’. Since Liesbeth is the only one in our party with no iphone she doesn’t have anything on her hands in the quiet moments. She found that traveling with wifi-addicts sure is alot of fun:

– When we first enter a new appartement the first important question is whether there is a WIFI-connection setup or not.

– Checking in at a hotel doesn’t happen anymore trought the lobby, but first takes place on the foursquare app (as does every check in; from restaurants to monuments and everything in between that can stoke your facebook-friends’ jealousy.

– ‘Bedtime’ doesn’t mean that we all go to sleep, but usually envolves taking our     iphones for another 60 minutes of sweet talk under the sheets.

In a reaction to these phenonemons, Liesbeth unfollowed us on all social media platforms.

Tomorrow our party continues at Yosemite National Park, which name stays unpronounceable to many of us (Liesbeth cultivated the worst accent on this one). We will keep you updated…




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